Texas SB 6: What it Means for Trans Texans #Y’all Means All

Texas Senate Bill No. 6 was introduced this legislative session in Austin. This bill (if passed) would allow the state to regulate who goes pee where in government & public buildings.  It would also make any city or local ordinances protecting transgender individuals’ right to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identify null and void. These same ordinance protect LGBT citizens from discrimination in jobs, housing, and restaurants too.

The bill would essentially ban transgender individuals from going pee in a bathroom that did not align with the gender listed on the person’s birth certificate. Crazies call this ‘biological sex’. (In this post, you must say ‘biological sex’ in the most ignorant/nasally voice you can think of).

Sex like gender is not binary. One ‘female’ can have the body of an XY chromosome male. There are clear genetic variations that cause some humans’ bodies not to match their physical parts. See this interesting report in “Nature:  International weekly journal of science” by Claire Ainsworth.

So the trans woman (according to this legislation) should be using the men’s restroom with her boobs, long hair, and estrogen while the trans man with facial hair, deep voice, and testosterone will use the women’s restroom.
And changing a birth certificate in Texas? Good luck. You must first start with your name and gender on your identification documents. The easiest way you can change those in Texas is to get the following:

  1. A letter from a licensed professional counselor stating you suffer from gender dysphoria (takes multiple counseling sessions). This letter is required by any physician in Texas that will treat transgender individuals with hormone therapy.
  2. A letter from the physician stating that you have been on hormones for a while (usually 10 months to a year) and your hormone levels are just like that of a cis female.

Only after more than a year of jumping through hoops (to weed out the crazies) can you pay a lawyer over $3,000 to take you to court so you can receive a court order to change your name and gender with federal and state agencies.

Then, you take that judge’s court order to the Social Security Administration, Texas Department of Public Safety (driver’s license issuer), and expedite your request to U.S. Passport Office to reissue your passport with the new gender.

And we haven’t even gotten to the birth certificate yet. In Texas, there is no formal process to do this. It has been done routinely but the judges usually require sexual reassignment surgery be completed before the gender marker is changed on the certificate. Oh! Did I mention that is another few thousand dollars in court and lawyer fees? Not to mention over $20,000 for the surgery since many insurance plans do not cover it.

So after many years and tens of thousands of dollars, your ‘biological sex’ matches your gender.
This brings me to Texas’ public school children. If this bill is passed, young public school children who identify with a gender not presented on their birth certificate (they are not old/wealthy enough) will either have to use a single stall restroom or hold their bladders all day until they get home. Telling them where they can and cannot pee is treating them like second class citizens (see Jim Crow and water fountains)and only adds to the anxiety they face every day at school.
Do these legislators understand the relationship between suicide and trans kids? According to a study by Washington State based on national statistics found on the Youth Suicide Prevention Program website, “Almost 50% of transgender youth have seriously thought about suicide, and 25% reported that they have made a suicide attempt.” State senators and representatives are prioritizing their personal agendas over the well being of all the state’s children. This is not the Texas that I love.

The reasoning behind the bill:  to (ignorant voice here) “Protect women and children.” Well this is a bunch of crap. My family and I have been doing just fine in Texas restrooms. Trans individuals are not pedophiles or predators. Restroom assaults are done by cis gender individuals and that is not going to change with a stupid ‘protection’ bill. Creepers are still going to sneak in the restrooms and hurt people. TX SB 6 is not going to stop that.

Why do these legislators care where people go to the restroom? Their actions and words cause so much fear and heartache. I wish they would stop. If they opened their eyes, they would see the blatant discrimination spread by their acts.

And to the Texas Legislature I say, “Pee, wash your hands, and move the F*** ON!”

See the Bill Annotated by the Texas Tribune.


4 thoughts on “Texas SB 6: What it Means for Trans Texans #Y’all Means All

  1. Are you certain that Texas would require a gender reassignment surgery before a gender marker change? I’m in Oklahoma, and all you really need is a letter from a surgeon that says you have had a “permanent and irreversible” procedure. An Orchiectomy will cover this. I will be having one at a surgical practice in Plano, TX later this year. But, even if your wife isn’t ready for that, I know a plastic surgeon in OKC who will give a letter for any surgical procedure she performs which is in fact “permanent and irreversible.” That could be for anything that requires changing bone structure or cartilage; like a tracheal shave.

    I’ll admit that it’s unfortunate that we need to work the system, but the game is already rigged against us, so I feel no shame in exploiting the loopholes.

    My name change was a simple matter. It cost less than $200. I was in front of the judge for less than 2 minutes. Of course I had to file the paperwork, get a name change announcement printed in the paper, then wait about 3 weeks after filing for my court date. I was a ball of anxiety, but it was so easy. Next, I went to the DMV, showed them the court order, they change it in their system, then head to the tag agency to get my license re-issued. Fairly easy, but the biggest hurdle are the queasy feelings you get wondering if any of the people involved are going to be the ones to roadblock your progress. In which case, it’s a matter of overcoming your own fear of failure. Social Security was also easy after I got my court order and license. I had my new SS card in about a week.

    I know birth certificates can be a royal pain since all states have different rules regarding having them altered. If you have a court order with your name, and you have the letter stating “permanent and irreversible” you should have all you need.

    While I’m sure you already have seen the legal mumbo jumbo, here are the relevent links for Texas in case you haven’t.:


    1. I appreciate the insight. We were advised by our lawyer that in Texas it is next to impossible to have your birth certificate amended. It all depends on the judge. So you could spend a lot and win or spend a lot and loose lots of money. Even then, they just add a note at the bottom of the page stating that the gender was changed.

      Also, we have met many people who just happened to go in front of the wrong judge and have the request for gender and name change denied. In the county we live in, the judges historically do not sign orders for name and gender changes.
      Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it.


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