Hurricane Harvey’s Floods

Hurricane Harvey’s hit our LGBT family in Houston. The floods left us with nothing but the most important thing: family.

Coming Out: Two Years Later

This month, August 2017, marks two years since my spouse came out to me as a transgender woman. While I am amazed at how far we have come as a couple and a family since that day, looking back now, I am in awe of my wife’s courage. 

Expanding the Family with a Transgender Spouse – Banking & Freezing

My wife and I did not think about growing our family before she started hormones. Our first priority was to get her on hormones as soon as possible for her mental health. Hindsight being 20/20, things would have been much easier baby wise now if we had thought this through a bit more.

If you have a little forethought before medically transitioning (starting hormones), you can bank or freeze your swimmers or eggs.

A Modern Mother’s Day

While the traditional Mother’s Day scene is expected, let’s not forget to celebrate all mothers (not just the obvious). Carrying and birthing a child is hard work but it does not make motherhood just as being a woman does not make a mother.

Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere

When my spouse told me she was transgender (mtf), we were living our lives according to prescribed gender roles. We knew we were ‘unique’ people but we really weren’t that different from any other white, suburban families in our community. During the last (almost) two years of transitioning, I felt for the first time in my life what it is like to different: not fat, tall, or blonde but intrinsically different.